A series of seminars and workshops to prepare small and mid-sized innovative companies 
position themselves on the global market. 

Where G is a measure of acceleration

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As a company:

Are you ready to compete? To manage complexity? To handle information overload? To hire the right person? To manage your global teams? To communicate to your global stakeholders? To develop a global corporate culture? To finance your global growth?

As a business accelerator:

Do you have the necessary tools to help them reach their global market potential?


Small to mid-sized companies



Business Accelerators


Chambers of Commerce

Economic Development Offices

Eight independant modules developed for:

" As a source of constant experimentation and innovation, small and mid-sized companies are an integral part of the renewal process that defines market economies"

Surrounded by disruptions in a global environment

SBA-Office of Advocacy - The New American Evolution: The Role and Impact of Small Firms (Washington DC - 1998)


Seminars developed to sustain the role of small businesses in the global economy: